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Some Facts About Hair Loss and the Possible Natural Way to Treat It

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Hair loss is a well known phenomenon frustrating. The most common form of this phenomenon is known as an androgynous male pattern baldness or hair loss. Main causes of hair loss are adolescence, genetic factors, medications, stress and diseases. Occasionally you hear the various creams and 'follicle care "institutions that are running to be guaranteed a basic control follicles, and provide an effective solution for higher losses and / or aerosols Sun symptoms go soon to avoid.

Moremore men choose baldness by considerations of taste, and a simple and elegant solution for hair loss. However, baldness, intentionally or forced, with problems for many of us. The hair on the head plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes the process will soon also affects the mental aspect.

So why this is happening to us?

There are two enzymes in the body called 5-alpha-reductase type 1 and 2 When testosterone comes into contact with these enzymes, it wasDihydrotestosterone. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is known to play an important role in the process of hair loss. The follicles are sensitive to DHT tend to come into contact with the hormone. The hair is composed of creatine, a protein that is also responsible for the manufacture of nails, and the creation of a layer of defense of our skin.

Type of hair growth:

All hair is composed of three layers of cuticle, cortex and medulla. The outer layer called the cuticle. And 'thin and colorless, andJob is to protect, the thicker layer that contains melanin. Melanin is responsible for hair color. The color of our hair depends on the type of melanin is with us. There are two types: one called eumelanin creates hair blacks and brown hair and red hair pheomelanin created. Blond hair is formed due to the small amount of melanin. Blonde color depends on the type of melanin and the hair person A. Gray is a lack of melanin, a phenomenon common with age, but may also result from stress orDisease.

Most of the inner layer of the hair, called bone, light directed against them in a variety of colors it contains, reflects, then the hair color is completely different from that in the Sun shadow curly or straight hair depends on the shape layer cortex. If the intersection of the layer of bark is curved, straight hair. If it is wavy or curly hair elliptical. The physical data such as thickness and length depends on the type of hair. Thin, colorless, less than 2 cm, almostinvisible to the eye is Voluson.

Hair Apparent blacks called terminal hair. terminal hair is what we mean when we talk about hair. Whether your hair thick or thin depends entirely on the follicles that produce it. For men, hair thinning often end with fine hair as a result of damage to the follicles that produce terminal hair prevents replaced. The average person has 5 million hairs on the body, while 100,000 to 150,000 of them on the head. There are about 140,000 aboveAverage blondes. Brunettes are slightly above the average of about 105,000, while the red has the least - about 90,000.

So what I propose here are two products, one for hair loss in men and women hair loss. I suggest trying them before more drastic measures such as surgery for first / other pills: